Jo Mama / J Is For Jump
(2 CD set)

Jo Mama: Jo Mama / J Is For Jump
WOU-8269 $12.98

Featuring Danny Kortchmar

Jo Mama:
Machine Gun Kelly / Midnight Rider / Searching High, Searching Low / Lighten Up, Tighten Up / Venga Venga / Sailing / Great Balls Of Fire / The Sky Is Falling / The Word Is Goodbye / Check Out This Gorilla / Cotton Eyed Joe / Love'll Get You High

J Is For Jump:
Keep On Truckin' / Back On The Streets Again / Smack Water Jack / If I Had A Billion Dollars / My Long Time / When The Lights Are Way Down Low / Love Is Blind / 3 A.M. in L.A. / Sweet And Low / Have You Ever Been To Pittsburgh / Sho ?out To Drive Me Wild