Swamp Grass / Douglas James Kershaw
(2 LP's on 1 CD)

Swamp Grass/Douglas James Kershaw
WOU-2581 $12.98

Swamp Grass:
Louisiana Woman / Louisiana Man / Isn't That About The Same / Can't Wait Til Tomorrow / Swamp Grass / From A Little Flirt Comes A Big Hurt / Take Me Back To Mama / Zacharia / Vicki Brown / (Ain't Gonna Get Me Down) Til I Hit The Ground / Cajun Funk

Douglas James Kershaw:
The Best Years Of My Life / Mardi Gras / Willie's Shades / Play That Old Sweet Song Again / You're Gonna Be Impressed / Tricks / You'd Best Believe You've Heard / A Song Called Jeannie / I Had A Good Woman But She Married Lawrence / Louisiana Love Song